Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Guardians Of the Universe

Jimmy couldn't believe that she was riding on top of a taxi being flown to South America by plane. By the way Jimmy is a girl. Her friend Rosie was on the plane and their friend Becca was at a science  fair. All of a sudden the pilot realised that they didn't need a taxi in South America and flew back to Australia.

Jimmy, Becca and Rosie could all sense that something was wrong. Jimmy had just been to the train station and had experienced an anomaly of her own. She had left her cookies & cream cookie dough ice cream at the train station and went to go get it. When she got there it was empty. But when she took out her spoon it suddenly refilled. But anyway, they then saw a unicorn which asked them "Hey, do wanna come ride me?'' To which they all replied "Yeah!" and jumped on. The unicorn took them too the Mars Colony, Genesis (Rosie Black Chronicles Reference) (Look it up). Rosie and Becca went to the research facility but Jimmy found alot of weapons. I mean alot. But, why don't we skip that part. Anyway, somehow the Universe became a tiny, tiny, tiny ball, and leaving Rosie, Becca and Jimmy to look after it. Becca built them a spaceship and they flew to settle another planet.

They flew for 5 days until they reached another planet. They called it Barb Shard. When they were still on Earth Rosie, Becca and Jimmy thought that if they ever found a gem or jewel they would call it Barb Shard. It took them 6 months to build a mansion and holograms for everything. They had all decided their duties: Rosie controlled Barb Shard's technology, Becca did all the sciencey stuff and kept the Universe safe and Jimmy kept everyone happy.

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