Monday, 5 October 2015


Sup! We just got back from the airport because we just flew in to Sydney. I am back home and back to blogging regularly. Though you probably won't find any posts at this time again- 12:32 AM! The flight all up was 19 hours from Rome. Probably the most annoying thing was that I was stuck in-between my parents with people backing onto me and therefore squashing me with their chairs. Then we had to walk miles and miles to get to a McDonalds- turns out we were walking the wrong way. We do the same thing the right way- still can't find it so my mum ends up buying burgers for her and my dad and I just get noodles. While I am writing this my cat is giving me the evil eye and it is very disconcerting. My dog has been kidnapped, respectively, and I think it will be hard for him to part with his new buddy Rufus, but I think he'll be pleased to see us tomorrow. Don't worry if there was some spelling mistakes in my last post; I had to do it on the tablet. The 30 Day Blogging Challenge will return tomorrow when I'm less jet-lagged. Well, that's all folks and I'll leave you with this:

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