Monday, 21 September 2015


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. That probably sounded like the start of the last post. I won't be blogging as much on holiday than I would have at home. I think I'll probably lay off doing the 30 Day Blogging challenge while I'm on holiday. But don't worry it will return when I'm back! The highlights of my trip have been:
1. Disney Land Paris
2. The tower of London
3. The British Museum
Well, that's all, see you when I see you, bye..............

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! I've been packing for my trip, watching youtube and practising guitar. We are leaving tomorrow! So I'll probably blog on the plane. The quality might not be that good because I'm gonna have to blog on my tablet. I'll probably have to do a test post on the tablet. Well, anyway I think I'll do Day 9 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. The topic is.........

Day 9- Wait you know what this bag thing might be more fun on the plane telling you whats in my carryon. Don't worry you won't have to wait long (If anyone's actually reading this) I'll be on the plane tomorrow (Friday) well, anyway I hope I'll survive to trip and I'll leave you with this:

Sunday, 6 September 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 8

Sorry I haven't been blogging I've had so much to do. Anyway, I'm here now and thats what matters. Well, today is day 8 of the 30 day blogging challenge. BTW Happy Fathers Day! Todays topic is..........

5 Current Goals OK, well probably these:

1. pack my bag for my trip
2. finish book 1 of the Rosie Black Chronicles
3. blog more
4.  I had one in my head but I CANT REMEMBER! Oh, that's it finish writing my story 'Fly On The Wall'
5. Do a DIY.
Well, I think thats all and I hope to fulfil that last goal today! (Maybe)

Friday, 4 September 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 7

Sup, today is Day I think 6 or 7 of the 30 Day Blogging challenge. The topic is..........

Day 7- Your 5 Favourite Songs. ok. these aren't in any particular order but:

1. International Smile- Katy Perry
2. Half A Person- The Smiths 
3. Shake It Out- Florence + The Machine
4. Fire and The Flood- Vance Joy
5. Freedom- Pharrell Williams

If I could have 5 more probably:
1. Clean- Taylor Swift
2. Black Magic- Little Mix
3. All About That Bass- Meghan Trainor
4. Run Away With Me- Carly Rae Jepsen
5. You've Got The Love- Florence + The Machine

Well, thats all folks and I'll leave you with this:

Thursday, 3 September 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 6

It's so cold! I am freezing! Well, anyway today is day 6 of the 30 day blogging challenge! Today's topic is...........

What are you afraid of!
Well, Top 5 I'll have to say are:
1. Spiders
2.The Dark
3. Jump Scares
4. Death
5. Vashta Nerada
P.s This isn't in any particular order and If you don't know Vashta nerada look it up.
Well, that's all folks and I'll leave you with this:

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Guardians Of the Universe

Jimmy couldn't believe that she was riding on top of a taxi being flown to South America by plane. By the way Jimmy is a girl. Her friend Rosie was on the plane and their friend Becca was at a science  fair. All of a sudden the pilot realised that they didn't need a taxi in South America and flew back to Australia.

Jimmy, Becca and Rosie could all sense that something was wrong. Jimmy had just been to the train station and had experienced an anomaly of her own. She had left her cookies & cream cookie dough ice cream at the train station and went to go get it. When she got there it was empty. But when she took out her spoon it suddenly refilled. But anyway, they then saw a unicorn which asked them "Hey, do wanna come ride me?'' To which they all replied "Yeah!" and jumped on. The unicorn took them too the Mars Colony, Genesis (Rosie Black Chronicles Reference) (Look it up). Rosie and Becca went to the research facility but Jimmy found alot of weapons. I mean alot. But, why don't we skip that part. Anyway, somehow the Universe became a tiny, tiny, tiny ball, and leaving Rosie, Becca and Jimmy to look after it. Becca built them a spaceship and they flew to settle another planet.

They flew for 5 days until they reached another planet. They called it Barb Shard. When they were still on Earth Rosie, Becca and Jimmy thought that if they ever found a gem or jewel they would call it Barb Shard. It took them 6 months to build a mansion and holograms for everything. They had all decided their duties: Rosie controlled Barb Shard's technology, Becca did all the sciencey stuff and kept the Universe safe and Jimmy kept everyone happy.

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 5

 You know when your asleep and the beds so warm that you think it's Sunday but you know really it's Wednesday and you have to get up? Well, that happened to me today. It's so annoying. Anyway, today is day 5 I think of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. The topic (?) today is...........

Your Proudest Moment. Well, that might be when I was picked to do the kindergarten transition with 2 of my best friends. We were picked to do it for 2 whole weeks! Also probably today because I know I'm going to get my Music Monitor Badge! (I think this is way to many capital letters!) What a music monitor is is a person who helps the music teacher with things. (So kind of like a library monitor).
Well, thats all folks and I'll leave you with this:

P.S Leave me a comment have you ever had one of those moments I mentioned at the top?

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 4

Pinch and a punch first day of the month! Sup, today is Day 4 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Today is......

My dream job! Well, probably a historian but if I can have top 3 then probably:

1. Historian
2. Singer/Performer
3. Writer/Author

Ok, well thats all folks and I'll leave you with this: