Thursday, 12 May 2016

the book obsession

Let me start by stating something. I am a very unreliable blogger. I do not think of myself as a very reliable person when it comes to schedules, or time management for that matter. Now I must, of course, explain my absence. I have been at camp for 3 days, but that's no excuse. I guess I have been avoiding Blogger, and have been caught up in the Debating black hole, as I am in my school's debating team, and our debate is tomorrow. Now, onto whatever today's post is, as I'm making it up as I go on. I guess it is my addiction to going to the library. What I cannot fathom is how I go to the library once a week, but some of my friends have not been at all.
my latest haul.

 I have had a library card since I was four, seven years ago. But maybe it's just me. When I go to the library, I get at least 4 books (yeah, I have a pretty big overdue fee!) so, I guess I do have an obsession with reading. Thank you for reading my ramble on books. See you soon! (I hope...)

rose    =^ . ^=