Monday, 31 August 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 3

Sup, today is day 3 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

Day 3- Your Favourite Quote:   Probably: 'Don't take life to seriously, you'll never get out of it alive' I don't really know who quoted that! Hope you enjoyed this short post and I'll leave you with this:

Sunday, 30 August 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 2

Sup, So today is the second day of the 30 day blogging challenge! Day 2 seems fun. 20 facts about me. OK, lets get started.

  1. I just finished reading 'Girl Online'.
  2. My favourite drink is chocolate milk.
  3. I own over 12 hats.
  4. On one of them, I have over ten badges all over it.
  5. I have worn glasses since the end of year 2. (So roughly 3 years)
  6. My friend freaked me out by blowing the pencil when we were doing 'Charlie Charlie'.
  7. I usually always give up on stories I write.
  8. My favourite animal is a pig.
  9. I sleep on a bed which is 1 and a half metres tall.
  10. I am going to Europe in 1 or 2 weeks.
  11. I like photography (though we don't have a camera yet)
  12. I am a whovian, tribute and Katy Kat.
  13. I have been to a Katy Perry concert.
  14. My favourite shows are probably The Amazing World Of Gumball, Doctor Who and Girl vs Boy.
  15. I have heaps of notebooks, though I've probably never filled one.
As you can see i didn't do 20 I just did 15. Well, thats all folks and I'll leave you with this:

Saturday, 29 August 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Well, I've decided to do the 30 day blogging challenge! My trusty Gnome (mum) just pointed out that I'd have to do it overseas so once I've done an update I'll post the questions answer of the day.  So the name's pretty self explanatory. You answer the daily question for thirty days.

So.......Day 1: Your Blog's Name- Well, I named my blog 'It's Looking A Bit Mitty' because when I was 2 I stated one day that 'It was looking a bit mitty' because I couldn't say misty. Well, that's all folks and I'll leave you with this:

The Last Thing I Did Tag

This tag I found on Sarah Martinez's blog The Joys Of Life and she said anyone can do it so now I'm going to answer these questiony (which is totally a word) questions.

1. Who did you last talk to?
My mum
2. What was the last outfit you wore?
Like now? Because right now it is alphabet tights, a cookie monster T shirt, a parrot/macaw jumper and converse boots.
3. What is the last thing you ate?
Raisin Toast
4. What was the last thing you drank? 
Water (boring)
5. What was the last sport you played?
6. Who did you last email?
My friends from school
7. Which one of your friends did you last talk to? (if they have a blog, leave a link)
Jezzebear (It's her nickname)
8. What was the last thing you watched on T.V.?
I watched a movie on a TV, Big Eyes
9. What was the last blog you checked? 
A Little Bit Of Sunshine
10. What was the most recent game you played?
Throwing the ball for my dog?

Well, that's all folks I'll leave you with this:


Sorry I haven't posted in 2 days! I've been busy. Well, now I'm here I really don't know what to write about. Maybe I'll tell you what I've been doing?

Movie I've just watched: Big Eyes Filmed By Tim Burton

Book I'm Reading: Girl Online By Zoe Sugg

Song I'm Listening To: Don't Be So Hard On Yourself By Jess Glynne

Game I'm Playing: aa by General Adaptive and Crossy Road by Hipster Whale and Yodo1 Games

Well, that's all folks and I'll leave you with this:

PS: Check out this link: 100 Follower Giveaway  This is a link to A Little Bit Of Sunshine written by Noor. She just hit 100 followers and is running a giveaway.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Continued Stereotype

I would like to make something clear: I wear glasses.  The reason I am stating this is because lots of people weirdly have a fixation with glasses. You think I would be flattered that people think of someone who wears glasses as some sort of polymath or nerd. (P.S A Polymath is someone who knows everything.) I am not a nerd. Here's what the dictionary defines as a nerd. As you can see I am not either of those. Saying someone who wears glasses is a nerd may be extremely offending to them. Then there is the stereotype that pretty people are mean. How would they feel! In my Ethics class a few terms back we were asked if we thought a pretty person could be nice. Nearly everyone answered 'maybe' or 'no'. This is a serious problem. Whatever happened to 'don't judge a book by it's cover'? Well I hope more people will open their minds to that statement.

  1. a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
    "I was a serious nerd until I discovered girls and cars"
    synonyms:bore, dull person; More

  2. a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
    "a computer nerd"


This will have to be a quick post as it is 8:16 AM and I need to get ready for school. Yes, I am finally going back to school! And, like you might know from my previous post, today is the book parade! Well, I'm not sure, it may have been called off so I'm super nervous about going in costume. I'm going as Alice Beech from Looking Glass Girl. And Mum and I have to go and pick up my apron from Grandma. Well, that's all folks and I'll leave you with this:

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Minions Are Overrated

Posted on Tuesday 25 of August 2015 11:44 am
Today I will be tackling the very complex and annoying subject of Minions. Minions as I hope you would know look like this:

They somehow capture the love of millions of people around the world. I mean sure, they look cute but they are really really annoying. How are so many people mesmerised by these tiny yellow tic-tac like creatures. They even made tic-tacs that look like them! I, personally find them really, really annoying. The Minions were created to make Gru more likeable. I guess in a way they did. They have their own language called Minionese and people on the interweb have kindly translated it:

 P.S as you can see the minion word for but has been scribbled out for inappropriate language reasons!


I would like to tell you about my pets. I have 2 cats, Milly and Mae and 1 dog, Phillip as you can see in the favourites list over there <- it says 'Phillip the Poodle', that's my dog. Well, his full name is Phillip Gwenythn  Shemp Winston Ernest Jedidiah Margaret Pomeranz     (Thanks, Margaret Pomeranz for your great name) Phillip, as you know by the favourites list is a poodle. Now, onto my cats. Milly is a moggy or tabby cat and Mae is a seal-point siamese cat. I'll put a picture of a them or two cats like them down the bottom plus a picture of Philly or maybe a dog like him. Well, that's all folks and I'll leave you with them:
1 and 2= milly
3 and 4= mae
5and 6= phillip

Post Script: These are actual photos of them. (My pets)

Bad Blood Taylor Swift Music Video: Review

25/08/2015 Posted at 10 :04

I will be doing a review of the Bad Blood music video by Taylor Swift. I got the 1989 Album for Christmas last year just with the normal version of Bad Blood on it, as this was before the music video was released. Honestly, I think that Kendrick Lamar didn't really need to rap in it. No offence Kendrick Lamar. The video was super OTT and kinda ruined the whole meaning of the song. I mean the video just made it look like some sort of pointless rage towards someone who betrayed you. I mean sure, you would feel some anger towards someone who betrayed you but you wouldn't start a full on war against them leaving explosions behind you wearing really skimpy outfits. And also, how could you be completely unharmed after falling from a 5 storey building? All in all this music video was soooooooooo OTT I'd personally give it a 2/10.

Seriously! Again?

Tuesday 25th August Posted at 9 :32 am

Surprise,surprise here I am again with my cat half sitting on my lap half sitting on the computer. I'm stuck at home AGAIN because mum STILL thinks I have chicken pox even though I don't have any spots. I understand her concern and everything but Really? I mean I was supposed to be going to the Nepean Dance Festival today! Well, I think that's all. I'll leave you with this:

Monday, 24 August 2015

Abnormal Posting Disorder Diagnosed By Dr. Doge

So I know it is probably abnormal to blog 3 times in one day but I am so incredibly bored. Just let me check the time. 3:14 PM. I have survived one weekday without school. And let me tell you it's been a bumpy ride. But, I've done it! So I'll probably have to tell you why my profile name is Joshua Rose. That is because my Best friends and I all have boy names. See, my real name is Rose so that's why Rose is at the end. Some of the other names of the group are: Jimmy. Well now that i think of it only two of us have nicknames, the other two are jezzebear and just a normal name. But now you see we have yet another set of nicknames: Fish (me), Emu, Shiba Inu and Milkshake. And have you heard of Doge. Well if you haven't. Cutest. Dog. Ever. Well, that's all folks so I will leave you with a picture of Doge:

Not Vaccinating Is A Serious Health Risk and Should Be Stopped

Vaccination is one of the most important things to improve and guarantee your health. It protects you from a range of diseases and viruses e.g, chicken pox, TB and polio. But the sad thing is some Australian families are not vaccinating themselves and/or their children. This is because some believe that vaccinating your children will hurt them. Others believe they don't need immunisation because they think that the diseases aren't that common or not that bad. This is very very wrong because some of the diseases kids are immunised against may lead to permanent disability or even death. It is unbelievable that some families are not immunising themselves and that is not only risk to themselves        
it is also a major risk to population. I believe that not immunising is incredibly selfish and it should be the law to immunise your children and yourself. The reason I am writing this because there, as you
know from my previous posts, that there has been an outbreak of chicken pox in my school which is very dangerous to some people like pregnant mothers and kids with low immune systems. So i hope everyone starts vaccinating!

Confidential Drawings

I am going to be telling you something confidential. I have been drawing on my window. I think your now probably questioning my level of maturity with the image of what this crazy spurt of creativity  would look like. It. Is. Not. What. A. 3. Year. Old. Would. Draw. (Sorry mum and dad if your reading this I think you probs already know. But it does rub off really really easily) It is not say, at Picasso standard. It's just a normal drawing. I drew it in whiteboard marker not permanent marker, Ok? So,  think that's all and I'll leave you with this:

New Blog

So, my last blog wasn't that successful but with this one I hope things are looking up. Not many of you, if anyone actually reads this, would know I had a blog before, it was called 'It's Review Time!' and I reviewed stuff, like Monster High Dolls and the Ruby Redfort book series. Plus I started that blog when I was 8, so I didn't really know what I was doing. Update: I'm surrounded by meowing hail!!!!!!! Sorry I went into meltdown because the hail was beating on the windows. It's stopped now, but let me tell you it was a very frightening experience. It's not out of the ordinary either, because where we live in the Blue Mountains it gets really cold. I mean really cold. And you think in Australia it's all sun and beaches and surf boards and some 'shrimps on a barbie' which is weird seeing as we call shrimps prawns but, getting back to the point it is definitely not. Well, at least not where I live. Update: A flash of lightening just struck like a millimetre from our house, well maybe thats exaggerating but it was really close. As you can see we are in the middle of a storm. Anyway, you're probably wondering why on Gallifrey my blog is called 'It's Looking A Bit Mitty!', well that is because when I was 2 or 3 (probably 2) I proclaimed one day that it was 'very mitty today' which apparently describes perfectly where I live, wait does that make sense, I'm not sure but I hope you get what I mean. So, your probably wondering why I'm not at school on a Monday. Well that is because of a........CHICKEN POX EPIDEMIC!!! But heres the catch, I don't actually have chicken pox, though some of my poor friends do 😰. My mum is convinced I have it because I have a sniffle. And the bad thing is we are going over seas in 3 weeks so I can't have chicken pox on a 21 or something hour flight now can I? The worst thing is, this week was full. Today I was meant to sing on the radio, tomorrow I was or am going to perform at the Nepean Blue Mountains Dance Festival, Wednesday it was or is the book parade and the audition with my band, The EERA of 54 for a special performance at the Upper Blue Mountains Choral Festival, Thursday I had nothing which I find is a disappointment and on Friday I had debating at Wentworth Falls and then the zoo camp with the Girl Guides. So as you will find out by the next emojis I am feeling mixed emotions: 😔 😭 😡. So, yeah, I think that's all, but I'll probably post again because I'm really bored, but for now, I'll leave you with this:

PS: ended up the emotions can't be shown sorry!