Sunday, 30 August 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 2

Sup, So today is the second day of the 30 day blogging challenge! Day 2 seems fun. 20 facts about me. OK, lets get started.

  1. I just finished reading 'Girl Online'.
  2. My favourite drink is chocolate milk.
  3. I own over 12 hats.
  4. On one of them, I have over ten badges all over it.
  5. I have worn glasses since the end of year 2. (So roughly 3 years)
  6. My friend freaked me out by blowing the pencil when we were doing 'Charlie Charlie'.
  7. I usually always give up on stories I write.
  8. My favourite animal is a pig.
  9. I sleep on a bed which is 1 and a half metres tall.
  10. I am going to Europe in 1 or 2 weeks.
  11. I like photography (though we don't have a camera yet)
  12. I am a whovian, tribute and Katy Kat.
  13. I have been to a Katy Perry concert.
  14. My favourite shows are probably The Amazing World Of Gumball, Doctor Who and Girl vs Boy.
  15. I have heaps of notebooks, though I've probably never filled one.
As you can see i didn't do 20 I just did 15. Well, thats all folks and I'll leave you with this:

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