Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bad Blood Taylor Swift Music Video: Review

25/08/2015 Posted at 10 :04

I will be doing a review of the Bad Blood music video by Taylor Swift. I got the 1989 Album for Christmas last year just with the normal version of Bad Blood on it, as this was before the music video was released. Honestly, I think that Kendrick Lamar didn't really need to rap in it. No offence Kendrick Lamar. The video was super OTT and kinda ruined the whole meaning of the song. I mean the video just made it look like some sort of pointless rage towards someone who betrayed you. I mean sure, you would feel some anger towards someone who betrayed you but you wouldn't start a full on war against them leaving explosions behind you wearing really skimpy outfits. And also, how could you be completely unharmed after falling from a 5 storey building? All in all this music video was soooooooooo OTT I'd personally give it a 2/10.

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