Monday, 24 August 2015

New Blog

So, my last blog wasn't that successful but with this one I hope things are looking up. Not many of you, if anyone actually reads this, would know I had a blog before, it was called 'It's Review Time!' and I reviewed stuff, like Monster High Dolls and the Ruby Redfort book series. Plus I started that blog when I was 8, so I didn't really know what I was doing. Update: I'm surrounded by meowing hail!!!!!!! Sorry I went into meltdown because the hail was beating on the windows. It's stopped now, but let me tell you it was a very frightening experience. It's not out of the ordinary either, because where we live in the Blue Mountains it gets really cold. I mean really cold. And you think in Australia it's all sun and beaches and surf boards and some 'shrimps on a barbie' which is weird seeing as we call shrimps prawns but, getting back to the point it is definitely not. Well, at least not where I live. Update: A flash of lightening just struck like a millimetre from our house, well maybe thats exaggerating but it was really close. As you can see we are in the middle of a storm. Anyway, you're probably wondering why on Gallifrey my blog is called 'It's Looking A Bit Mitty!', well that is because when I was 2 or 3 (probably 2) I proclaimed one day that it was 'very mitty today' which apparently describes perfectly where I live, wait does that make sense, I'm not sure but I hope you get what I mean. So, your probably wondering why I'm not at school on a Monday. Well that is because of a........CHICKEN POX EPIDEMIC!!! But heres the catch, I don't actually have chicken pox, though some of my poor friends do 😰. My mum is convinced I have it because I have a sniffle. And the bad thing is we are going over seas in 3 weeks so I can't have chicken pox on a 21 or something hour flight now can I? The worst thing is, this week was full. Today I was meant to sing on the radio, tomorrow I was or am going to perform at the Nepean Blue Mountains Dance Festival, Wednesday it was or is the book parade and the audition with my band, The EERA of 54 for a special performance at the Upper Blue Mountains Choral Festival, Thursday I had nothing which I find is a disappointment and on Friday I had debating at Wentworth Falls and then the zoo camp with the Girl Guides. So as you will find out by the next emojis I am feeling mixed emotions: 😔 😭 😡. So, yeah, I think that's all, but I'll probably post again because I'm really bored, but for now, I'll leave you with this:

PS: ended up the emotions can't be shown sorry!

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