Monday, 24 August 2015

Abnormal Posting Disorder Diagnosed By Dr. Doge

So I know it is probably abnormal to blog 3 times in one day but I am so incredibly bored. Just let me check the time. 3:14 PM. I have survived one weekday without school. And let me tell you it's been a bumpy ride. But, I've done it! So I'll probably have to tell you why my profile name is Joshua Rose. That is because my Best friends and I all have boy names. See, my real name is Rose so that's why Rose is at the end. Some of the other names of the group are: Jimmy. Well now that i think of it only two of us have nicknames, the other two are jezzebear and just a normal name. But now you see we have yet another set of nicknames: Fish (me), Emu, Shiba Inu and Milkshake. And have you heard of Doge. Well if you haven't. Cutest. Dog. Ever. Well, that's all folks so I will leave you with a picture of Doge:

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