Monday, 24 August 2015

Not Vaccinating Is A Serious Health Risk and Should Be Stopped

Vaccination is one of the most important things to improve and guarantee your health. It protects you from a range of diseases and viruses e.g, chicken pox, TB and polio. But the sad thing is some Australian families are not vaccinating themselves and/or their children. This is because some believe that vaccinating your children will hurt them. Others believe they don't need immunisation because they think that the diseases aren't that common or not that bad. This is very very wrong because some of the diseases kids are immunised against may lead to permanent disability or even death. It is unbelievable that some families are not immunising themselves and that is not only risk to themselves        
it is also a major risk to population. I believe that not immunising is incredibly selfish and it should be the law to immunise your children and yourself. The reason I am writing this because there, as you
know from my previous posts, that there has been an outbreak of chicken pox in my school which is very dangerous to some people like pregnant mothers and kids with low immune systems. So i hope everyone starts vaccinating!

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