Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November Goals Recap

Sup guys, happy December! Today I'm going to be doing my November Goals Recap! Let's get started!

*Not mine*

November Goals 
1. Practice guitar at least 3 times a week. (probably one of the hardest goals on the list)  Nope, did not do that one!

2. Make sure our debating team wins this debate. (I am forever hoping) I'm not sure which debate this is, but the 3rd one we were half a point away!

3.  Give my speech for school captain. (I am also forever hoping, seeing as I'll never get it) I have given my speech, but something unfortunate happened when somebody stole my joke! We are going to be told who got what at presentation day in a week!

4. Dye my hair with 2 or 3 packets of pink dye (and hope it shows). I didn't do this, but I'm probably going to be doing this in the holidays.

5.Blog more often. (Easy, I guess) I'm pretty sure I did!

Well, that's all folks I hope enjoyed, I'm pretty sure I'll be posting my December Goals soon.

Rose :3

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