Thursday, 31 December 2015

What's Left Of Me- Book Review

Sup guys, HAPPY 50TH POST *pops party popper*!!!!!!! I can't believe I've posted 50 times! Well, I hope you all had a good Christmas/break. Without further ado, let's get started.

Author: Kat Zhang


Now, this isn't the exact cover I had, but this, I have to admit is cooler. I did have the face on my cover though. I love how it looks like her face has been painted in white and then with glitter paint.

Eva and Addie started out the same way as everyone else- two souls woven into one body, taking turns controlling their movements as they learnt how to walk. how to sing, how to dance. But as they grew, so did the worried whispers. Why aren't they settling? Why isn't one of them fading? The doctors ran tests, the neighbours shied away, and their parents begged for more time. Finally Addie was pronounced healthy and Eva was declared gone. Except, she wasn't...

For the past three years, Eva has clung to the remnants of her life. Only Addie knows she's still there, trapped inside their body. Then one day, they discover there may be a way for Eva to move again. The risks are unimaginable- hybrids are considered a threat to the society, so if they are caught, Addie and Eva will be locked away with the others. And yet, for a chance to smile, to twirl, to speak, Eva will do anything.

Wew, that took a looong time to write out. Well, the blurb is certainly interesting, without giving to much away. Some of it didn't really happen in the book as they had described it on the blurb, though.

Favourite Character:
Lissa. She is a hybrid, another half of one of the people they know. Lissa is fairly sensible, and funny. You don't really get to know her that well, but she is really nice.

Least Favourite Character:
OK, this might sound weird, but Addie. She was so arrogant sometimes and she never really thought to put herself in Eva's shoes. Eva couldn't control them at all, even when she told Addie yes, she would scream no.

Overall Summary Of The Book:
5/5. This is definitely going on my favourite book list!

Well, I hope you enjoyed, Happy Last Day Of 2015 and Happy 50th Post!
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