Saturday, 5 December 2015

D.I.Y Christmas Baubles

Sup guys, today I'm going to be doing a Christmas DIY! Let's get started!

What you'll need:

6 Baubles (Any colour, but a light colour would be better.)
Acrylic Paints (Black, Red, Orange, White)
1 Cup of Water
Some Napkins
Cat Bauble

Step 1:
Squeeze your black paint into a pan, or container. I just used a container that came with the paints.

 Step 2:
 Then, get a silver bauble. (doesn't have to be silver.)
Step 3:
Dip your paintbrush in the black paint and paint ears, a nose, eyes and whiskers on it. Voila! Koen. Now just leave it to dry.

Dog Bauble

Step 1:
You'll need your black paint again for this one. Get yet another silver bauble (doesn't have to be silver). Paint ears, a nose, a mouth and eyes. 

Step 2:
Turn to the back of the bauble and paint a little tail. Done! Leave to dry.

Snowflake Bauble

Step 1:
Squeeze some white paint out onto your pan and get a light blue bauble.

Step 2:
Dip your paintbrush into the white paint and paint a snowflake on it. Remember, every snowflake is unique, so there is no wrong snowflake. There you have it! Leave to dry.

Snowman Bauble

Step 1:
Squeeze some orange paint onto the pan, because you should have some white and black paint left. Now, get another blue bauble.

Step 2:
Paint 3 circles on top of each other, getting bigger each time. Then, either wait until dry, or not, paint 2 eyes and 3 buttons in black paint, and 1 carrot nose in orange. And you're done! Leave to dry.

Mockingjay Bauble

This next bauble is based on the Hunger Games trilogy.

Step 1:
Squeeze some red paint onto your pan. Then, get a silver bauble.

Step 2:
Paint your Mockingjay bird in red, surrounded by an orange circle and red flames. And your done! Leave to dry.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I'm going to see Mockingly part 2 tonight so I might review it.
May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour,
Rose :3


  1. These are so cute!! I love the Mockingjay one :P


  2. i would do the whistle right now, but we r on a blog so... kinda hard XD


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