Friday, 6 November 2015

Stereotypes In Kids Toys

Sup, this post is going to get a little bit intense. Today I'm going to be talking about the stereotyping in kid's toys. Practically every Target, Big W or Kmart (which are big department stores in Australia) or any department store for that matter, I see two aisles: Girl's Toys and Boy's Toys. Though they may not say Girl's Toys it's pretty clear it is. Filled with Monster high dolls and Barbies. And then the aisle next to it: Boy's Toys. Yet again filled with Transformers and Super heroes. Then, they put the things that they think are for boys, like Minecraft in that aisle. So many girls play Minecraft and play with these toys that there shouldn't even be a Girls and a Boys aisle. Then, there's that thing with LEGO, I mean do we really need LEGO Friends. It's just gender-stereotyping LEGO. It's not like the figures are Elizabeth Pankhurst or Marie Curie. They're just skipping around town feeding their cats and painting their nails. When I was in Big W the other day, I swapped the Frozen LEGO with the Chima LEGO. There should be NO gender stereotyping at all.

Ok, well that's all folks I'll leave you with this:

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