Saturday, 14 November 2015

When You Don't Know What To Write About

I don't know what to write about
My mind is blank from ideas
When the notebook is blank
And the page is wet with tears

I wish the words would flow from my pen
Just like they come from a fountain
But if there was a fountain in my den
The writing would be able to maintain

Story after story would appear
And I would be a scholar
But no words ring in my ear
And it feels like I'm wearing a collar

A collar of no words
A collar of no letters
Then finally the story was heard
The collar is released
And nothing else matters


Well, I hope you enjoyed my poem. I didn't know what to write for my blog post so I started writing a post about it and then realised it sounded a bit like a poem. I'm pretty bad at writing poems, but it was fun. Well, that's all and I hope you enjoyed :3

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