Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Beautiful People For Writers

Hai guys, today I'm going to be doing the Beautiful People linkup hosted by Cait at Paper Fury and Sky at further up and further in. So, let's get started!

1.What were your writing achievements last year?
To finish my story, Fly On The Wall.

Tell us about your top priority writing project for this year?
The Amazing Un-named Adventures of Granite And Mona. Still doesn't have a name. I'm hoping to finish the first draft of either the first or whole book, I'm not sure if it is a series or not.

List 5 areas you’d like to work the hardest to improve this year.
1. Writing More. I'm using a word counter which you can check out at here.

2. Read More. I mean, I read a lot, but I want to read more.

3. Review more books. This is a thing I love doing and want to do more of.

4. Organise My Writing. I just need to plan, and this plot wall that Ashley G over at [insert title here] was doing really helps.

5. Improve my blogging skills. So I want to improve my blogging and coding skills.

4. Are you participating in any writing challenges? 
Does Snazzy Snippets count?

What’s your critique partner/beta reader situation like and do you have plans to expand this year?

Do you have plans to read any writer-related books this year? Or are there specific books you want to read for research?
I don't really know...

7. Pick one character you want to get to know better, and how are you going to achieve this? 
I really want to get to know this character I haven't introduced yet, Jessamine, she's a witch, so her character is very flexible.

Do you plan to edit or query, and what’s your plan of attack?
I love editing, so I'll probably edit.

Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”  What are the books that you want to see more of, and what “holes” do you think need filling in the literary world?
I feel like literary really needs more time-travel novels, I LOVE THEM! I feel like that's all.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?
Probably finished the Granite story!

Well, that's all have a great day!

Rose :3


  1. Ugh, will you edit my novel for me? Just kidding, but it's great to see someone who loves to edit, its absolute torture for me xD I hope you achieve your writing goals this year, and I can't wait to hear more about your story :D


    1. Thanks! I don't know why I love to do it, it seems like a reflex for me xD

      Rose :3


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