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The Boy In The Dress By David Walliams | Book Review

Title: The Boy In The Dress
Author: David Walliams
Genre: Children's Fiction/ Friendship
Publication: October 1 2008, Harper Collins
Pages: 288, paperback
Source: Bought
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Dennis lives in a boring house in a boring street in a boring town. But he's about to find out that when you open your mind, life becomes anything but boring! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and once you meet Dennis he'll live with you forever...

I really enjoyed this book. This was my second time reading this for this review. Dennis is a great main character. He is very quiet, but I feel like in this book all his feelings just came bursting out. How, you ask? The clue is in the title. I loved all the characters in this book as they all had their own personalities. I feel like Dennis's dad was very misunderstood and anxious, and his brother was really sad. Walliams' writing style made me laugh out loud at numerous places! One of my favourite quotes from this book is:

"Everybody should be able to wear whatever they like."
- Lisa, page 84

This is completely true, and Dennis does. Lisa, the amazing fashion designer, says the quote. I think everyone should read this book, as it is about being able to do whatever you want to do!

I would rate this book

Well, I hope you enjoyed my review!

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