Thursday, 7 January 2016

How To Write A Post Like A Boss

Let's just pretend that you never saw that post I did yesterday. It was a big mess. Now I have gathered my bearings, I'm going to do an actual blog post. This is going to be a how to write a blog post like a BOSS.

Step 1:
Look up inspiration on google images, or sassy, it doesn't matter. Anything works. And then I found this horrific thing:
A Sassage.
What would be good inspiration is this:
Step 2:
Look up cats in clothes.
And then wish it was 2013 because if it was, you could have gotten this:
That's all, have a sassy day!
P.S Fun fact 'Sassy Sausage' is the historical term for being sassy.

Rose :3

P.P.S: Every time I publish a post I have to go back and add those crappy labels!!!!!!


  1. Thank you. I will use this when I need some sass in my posts. Because a post without sass is like a cake without frosting.
    I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY added you to my Buddies page and am following you so I can get the most sass.

    1. YES! A post without sass IS like a cake without frosting. Thank you for adding me to your buddies page and following!

      x Rose :3

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